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The twilight in my heart
Recent Entries 
23rd-Oct-2011 02:34 pm - New updates
Roxas/Sora 2
Hi mina-san, I have updated new posts at my animerooms =) I also added a video clip in it >w<
I will keep up the good jobs in making it into a great animerooms (>w<)\/

Please feel free to visit it ^^

1st-Oct-2011 02:11 am - New blog created =)
Hi guys, I have created a new blog regarding Anime, Manga and Games =)
Please feel free to visit it, thanks =)


27th-Jun-2010 10:18 pm - O.O
Roxas/Sora 2
Long time didn't update my journal...
9th-Feb-2010 01:09 am - FFXIII
Roxas/Sora 2
Just cleared chapter 5 =____=; the gameplay sure is challenging >x<; but is fun to play =D
Hope is just so cute >w<// Lightning is so cool XD
13th-Jan-2010 07:17 pm - I'm a RPG gamer *__*
Roxas/Sora 2
Cleared Tales of Graces a few days ago..now moving to clear Tales of Vesperia and the starting of FFXIII..., getting my KH: BBS a few days later.. haha... going to be busy with these games liao -___-;;;;;
28th-Sep-2009 05:56 pm - (-n-) sad..
Roxas/Sora 2
Yesterday was really not my day...really... =(
7th-Jul-2009 12:27 am - Cosfest VIII
Roxas/Sora 2
I'm getting excited for the upcoming Cosfest XDD So excited~~X333 Can't wait till that day =) 4 more days to go OwO//
8th-May-2009 11:25 pm - Sick...
Roxas/Sora 2
=__=;; When will my cough be gone away....?
13th-Apr-2009 11:19 pm - OwO Love these novels
Roxas/Sora 2
My favorite novels titles are the Dragons of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey. I soon going to finish reading Dragon's Fire ^^ Will be starting to read Dragon's Kin =)

Favorite Character? =) That will be Pellar XD The silent Harper ^^
29th-Mar-2009 01:29 am - haha..=__=;;
Roxas/Sora 2
Again...how many days had passed since my previous post in LJ...seriously I really not sure what to write these few days >.>

Oh well I will have to improve in this .. -W-;;
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